Carol Kren, AHSF’s Empowerment Services Director has recently
recognized as an Ambassador for the Fitwel Certification System. Fitwel
was created by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) and
the General Services Administration(GSA) and is the premier
certification system for optimizing building design to support health
and wellbeing. Fannie Mae is partnering with Fitwel to reward
affordable housing developments with healthy designs through the
Healthy Housing Rewards initiative. Since Ms. Kren is listed as an
Ambassador for Fitwel, our future developments and rehabilitations are
eligible for the Healthy Design Reward. Fitwel Ambassadors are
proficient in the evidence-based connection between design and health
and understand how to integrate these strategies into development

There are two types of Healthy Housing Rewards, the Enhanced
Resident Services Reward, and the Healthy Design Reward. The
Enhanced Resident Services Reward awards properties with health and
wellness services, while the Healthy Design Reward awards properties
with health-promoting designs such as tobacco-free zones and fitness
equipment. AHSF is committed to both tracks of healthy development
and intends to pursue certification under the Resident Services track in
the next quarter. Properties that meet the certifying criteria are eligible
to receive a discounted loans. The terms for the Healthy Design Reward
are in the link below, as well as some frequently asked questions and