Historically, we have had the good fortune to partner and co-develop with other top notch not-for-profit developers who share the same ideology, core values and integrity as Affordable Housing Solutions for Florida (AHSF).  People helping people. We’ve also partnered with management companies that we feel will maintain our properties with the best interest of our residents in mind as well as the standards AHSF has set forth.

For Over 25 Years We Have Formed Invaluable Partnerships To Provide Affordable Housing Throughout Florida And Other States

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Changing People’s Mindset

We want people to see what can be accomplished and show them how we’re making affordable housing developments more socially responsible and sustainable.

AHSF’s Focus On People

For over 25 years, our organization has been creating sustainable, affordable, healthy housing that supports the economic security for people and their families throughout the nation.

Vital Support Services
For Those Of All Ages

We are one of only a few national organizations that provide affordable housing for all low and moderate income people and families with additional resources for them to succeed.

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Housing Partnership

Becoming A Partner

AHSF believes in the power of partnering with a variety of community organizations, resident groups, public agencies, private investors and lenders, and advocacy organizations.

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